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Design by MHK


This design has been created for Lot 68 located at the end of Milner Road which offers a larger building envelope and gentler terrain.


Pricing for Lot 68 is available upon request.

Situated on Lot 68, this home was designed to be a jewel box at the entry to Canyon Pines. The open lot & gently sloping topography lent itself to a design that could take advantage of the sweeping views to the east, south and west while nestling into the foothills on the north. The home gradually steps up towards the back of the lot, working with the contours of the site, while keeping its profile low to enhance privacy for the homeowner. Without neighbors to the south or west, this home had a unique opportunity to provide a luxurious outdoor pool, taking advantage of ample sunlight while maintaining privacy and views.
The use of stone, steel, and glass imparts sophistication while responding to the natural beauty of the surrounding valley. Boasting five bedrooms and six and a half baths, along with coveted amenities like a home theater, office space, wine cellar, whiskey lounge, gym, and spa, this home is the epitome of luxury living. The open kitchen, living and dining room blend seamlessly with the outdoors and blurs the lines between interior and exterior. The result is an airy, light-filled home, nestled in nature and rooted to its place.
The interior is inspired by the surrounding topography and reimagined through an urban lens. TruDesign’s vision is grounded in inviting the outdoors in; the material use, and color palette echo the hues and textures found in nature. It incorporates unexpected and striking elements – the fireplace acts as an anchor for the design, juxtaposing the angular lines of the home with a silhouette reminiscent of rippling water. The floating ceiling, with light softly filtering from above, evokes the sensation of sunlight streaming through a forest canopy, offering a gentle, diffused illumination that invites relaxation and wellness. The natural wood elements are complemented by the stone flooring and the emerald waterfall countertop – resembling the beauty and rich diversity within the earth’s layers.
The show-stopping whiskey room blends urban sophistication and natural elements to create a striking, moody space.  The wood-slatted wall leaves you feeling tucked into a forest glen while the playful wall tile showcases natural granite and marble. From the leather seating to the beetle-inspired area rug, this room is dramatic and unexpected while remaining tied to the warmth of nature.
This interior embodies the luxury of nature within a modern context, seamlessly merging the excitement of urban life in Denver with the tranquility of the foothills. It’s a space that reflects the best of both worlds, offering a retreat that feels both modern and connected to the natural environment.
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